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The HR Role during the Digital Transformation: the “People Strategy”

Author: Future Manager Research Center The digital era is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous: it keeps changing and evolving. During the era of digital transformation, companies must be smart: they have to acknowledge these changes and use them to gain a competitive advantage. For this reason, many companies are now choosing to adopt a digital…

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Business Growth and Technology: the important Synergy between CEO and CTO

Author: Future Manager Research Center Nowadays, is there any company that do not implement technology in their business strategies? Given the technological revolution that has caught on in the world economy, greater familiarization with the technical language becomes essential for the CEOs of any business. Precisely for this reason, the CTO figure emerges powerfully in…

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Industry 4.0: Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

Author: Future Manager Research Center The fourth industrial revolution is coming. This is an intelligent era. The background of the trade war is nothing more than a war of technological intelligence. Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis in 2008, the economies of the most powerful countries have been severely damaged, prompting them to…

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Planning Future

“Global business culture is always saying that if you can dream it, you can do it
when you have the right people and ideas.”

“What global business culture is not saying is that being
right is not enough if it is just a thought.
If you can dream it, you will not necessarily do it.
But if you share it, you are already doing something beyond dreaming.”

“But what if it is not the right thing to do?”

“The right thing does not exist.
There is only what is suitable for you in the moment you decide to step up.
You just have to find it out.”