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Urban Security and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Author: Future Manager Research Center Currently, artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology in continuous evolution, emblem of numerous innovations in several sectors, not only in the more technological ones. However, what would happen if AI was applied in order to make cities around the world safer from a sustainable perspective? The team of researchers at…

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The Scary Hypothesis of an “Eternal Smart working”

Author: Future Manager Research Center  In recent months, as never before, the issue of smart working has gained a prominent position on the pages of business newspapers and, more generally, on everyone’s lips. Everyone agrees on the obvious and indisputable usefulness of this work tool during the crucial weeks of the COVID-19 epidemic, however the…

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The invisible Creators of our World: the Engineers

Author: Future Manager Research Center The human being is naturally inclined to change and improve himself. This spasmodic desire for transformation goes hand in hand with technological innovations and, in this regard, who better than an engineer can embody the role of the “invisible creator” of everything that surrounds us? The use of the adjective…

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Planning Future

“Global business culture is always saying that if you can dream it, you can do it
when you have the right people and ideas.”

“What global business culture is not saying is that being
right is not enough if it is just a thought.
If you can dream it, you will not necessarily do it.
But if you share it, you are already doing something beyond dreaming.”

“But what if it is not the right thing to do?”

“The right thing does not exist.
There is only what is suitable for you in the moment you decide to step up.
You just have to find it out.”