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White Hats and Ethical Hacking for Companies’ Security

Author: Future Manager Research Center One of the most well-known episodes of a ransomware attack was the WannaCry outbreak, which hit companies worldwide in the spring of 2017. This ransomware attack affected a diverse collection of entities, including the NHS, Spain-based Telefonica, America’s FedEx, German railway company Deutsche Bahn, and LATAM Airlines. Afflicting over 200,000…

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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #27

Author: Future Manager Research Center  “La Transformación Digital – Parte 2: ¿Cómo migrar un equipo de ventas hacia las plataformas digitales?” En nuestro post anterior mencionamos la importancia de digitalizar los procesos de la fuerza de venta, en éste comentaremos sobre cómo migrar al equipo de ventas hacia plataformas digitales. Lo primero que se debe…

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How many Emails do you send in a Day?

Author: Future Manager Research Center Since the early seventies, thanks to Ray Tomlison (the brilliant inventor of the famous “at” sign), exchanging messages and communications via e-mail has become one of the most common acts in most work environments. Around 10 billion emails are sent every day around the world, yet behind this so common…

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Planning Future

“Global business culture is always saying that if you can dream it, you can do it
when you have the right people and ideas.”

“What global business culture is not saying is that being
right is not enough if it is just a thought.
If you can dream it, you will not necessarily do it.
But if you share it, you are already doing something beyond dreaming.”

“But what if it is not the right thing to do?”

“The right thing does not exist.
There is only what is suitable for you in the moment you decide to step up.
You just have to find it out.”