#8 Navigating the New Normal in the International Workplace


We have come to the eighth episode of Navingating the New Normal in the International Workplace , the podcast hosted by Michele Lee Clarke-Ceres and Len Adams.

As is now customary, these interviews host individuals from all over the world, men and women who are the beating heart of their leading companies in their local scenario, but who also operate internationally through the expertise and partnership of FMA.

This also applies to today’s guests, Teresa Rexach and Jordi Soler, CEO and General Manager of Adeas HR with offices in Barcelona and Madrid. These Catalan colleagues of ours are also the Country Managers who represent FMA in Spain and, on this occasion, they talk about the challenges they have been faced over the passed year.

If you want to find out how they managed to remain highly competitive in such an aggressive market as the Spanish one, overcoming the crises of recent years, just click on the button.