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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #27

Author: Future Manager Argentina “La Transformación Digital - Parte 2: ¿Cómo migrar un equipo de ventas hacia las plataformas digitales?” En nuestro post anterior mencionamos la importancia de digitalizar los procesos de la fuerza de venta, en éste comentaremos sobre cómo migrar al equipo de ventas hacia plataformas digitales. Lo primero que se debe tomar en cuenta es que cualquier empresa puede hacer este cambio si se lo propone, pero se...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #26

Author: Future Manager Argentina “La transformación Digital - Parte 1: Digitalizar procesos de la fuerza de ventas" Tus  clientes potenciales han cambiado, ahora son DIGITALES. Dar la espalda a esta realidad no sólo te llevará a tocar techo en ventas, sino que puede que incluso te haga perder de manera progresiva a tus actuales clientes. Un estudio publicado por la consultora Accenture Interactive, indicó que un 80% de las empresas...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #25

Author:  Future Manager China“4 ways to relieve mental fatigue” Take some time to exercise every day Doing exercise is the bottom line for a healthy life, it is suggested to do moderate-intensity exercise, such as pedal exercise for 30 minutes a day. 2 .Learn to combine work and rest Mental fatigue is to get bored with the current work. It is important to learn to arrange time and prioritize your work...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #24

Author: Veronica Forest - Future Manager Germany "Standing out from the crowd in your job search: how can you differentiate yourself from other applicants in times of crises?" Chaos, fear and uncertainty may act as a barrier between you and your dream job. We cannot look the other way: the Coronavirus pandemic has had and is still having heavy economic consequences on companies and is influencing their recruitment processes. However,...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #23

Author: Future Manager China“ Hire not just to fill the position you need today, but be proactive and hire the leader you will need to get the job done tomorrow ” “The positions within the team have been filled and there is no need to continue to spend time looking for talents.” is the normal attitude of HR managers when it comes to recruitment. In many companies, we often take it for granted that employees can...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #22

Author: Future Manager Brazil“ The challenges of managing people in social isolation ” The epidemic brought several challenges for companies. Managing employees efficiently is one of them, as employees may face difficulties to adapt to the home office while living with the uncertainty of the future and the safety of their health. HR plays a major role in tackling this crisis. It is not only responsible for helping collaborators adapt...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #21

Author: Future Manager China“Prudent thinking: Establish a long-term mechanism for crisis management ” For enterprises that are burdened by the pandemic, at present they need to take effective measures to survive, but it is also important that companies can sum up experience and lessons learned from the pandemic crisis to improve their crisis response mechanism. Here’s what companies can do with three steps. 1. Presume crisis situations and disaster scenarios. Combined...
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Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #20

Author: Dr. Philip Wenger - Future Manager Germany"French-German success story" Yes, no doubt. There are “Hiring Freezes” and “Reduced Working Hours” out there. We experience this every day, when customers call us to inform that our mandates are stopped: Engine and Plant Manufacturers, because they can't finish their products due to missing parts from component suppliers. Or big global Corporations, whose Headquarters decide not to employ for the next six...
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