FM Program

for Gender Equality



The committee intends its activity Globally without constraints of gender, religion, ethnicity.
It is open to the contribution of all those who intend to make their own personal contribution.

All FMA countries contribute to the committee through the publication and dissemination of related content.


FMA has always firmly believed in the values of gender equality and is against any type of social discrimination.

Over the years various activities have been carried out. In 2016, the President of the Italian Republic awarded our company with a Medal of Honor for the social contribution offered.

In carrying out its mission, the FMA committee for Gender Equality refers to, supports and disseminates the programmatic guidelines set out by the:

System-Wide Strategy
on Gender Parity

Issued by United Nation
on October 2017

ILO Action Plan
for Gender Equality

International Labor Office

Gender Diversity Reports

Gender Diversity Report 2018

Gender Equality, Global Recruitment and Management in the Future: these are the topics addressed during the " 5th Annual FM Diversity Report " held on November 19th 2018, at the evocative location of Villa Erba, in Cernobbio (Como).

Through the sharing of experiences and reflections of top corporate managers, FMR constructs a photograph of the current situation and analyzes the ways in which the theme is addressed from the business world.


Gender Diversity Report 2017

The aim of the research is to provide a picture of the behaviors and perceptions of Italian graduates, both regarding the university career and the work environment, and comparing the results obtained among the male population to the female population.


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