Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #25


Author: Future Manager Research Center

4 ways to relieve mental fatigue

  1. Take some time to exercise every day

Doing exercise is the bottom line for a healthy life, it is suggested to do moderate-intensity exercise, such as pedal exercise for 30 minutes a day.

2 .Learn to combine work and rest

Mental fatigue is to get bored with the current work. It is important to learn to arrange time and prioritize your work reasonably. The important work must be completed first at the beginning of the day, at the same time, you should develop good habits and pay attention to active rest.

3. Develop interest in the work you are doing

If you find that you are not interested in work, you don’t need to be too nervous or worried, so as not to form a mental burden. The correct approach should be to cultivate your own interests at the work you’re doing.

4.Manage interpersonal relationships

Only when people live in a harmonious and happy atmosphere will they have a happy mood, and positive psychology. Try to have a good relationship with relatives, friends, colleagues, and create a harmonious interpersonal environment.

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