Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #8


Author: Future Manager Research Center
“ Staying positive during coronavirus crisis ——Tips for mindfulness”

Although we can’t control the stress of what’s happening around us with coronavirus, we can help our body to better control and manage its own stress.

And one simple and effective technique of doing it is doing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is the experience of doing something while knowing you’re doing it. Also means being present at the moment instead of worrying about the future or thinking about the past.

Give extra attention while washing your hands, engage mindfulness when feel the water drips on hands, rub in the disinfectant, give a little hand massage. Or you can clean the dishes, brush your teeth while using this mindfulness technique.

Give your mind and heart an emotional holiday, you are not worrying about the coronavirus or the future, just focus on what you are doing right now, only thinking about what you’re doing at this moment.

We are proud to be there! We are sure we will!

Future Manager Team