Future Manager Beyond Corona Virus #9


Author: Future Manager Research Center
“ Business & Human Resources in the time of Coronavirus”

We have already highlighted to what extent the spread of COVID-19 is having an impact on the Business & Human Resources World.

Processes are undergoing an extensive change and projects and assignments need to adapt to the pace imposed by the medical and social emergency that is affecting countries all over the world.

Today Future Manager Germany wants to share its experience with you, talking about a project our company is working on at the moment:

Our client is a German company – established in 1893 – that produces and distributes engineered cycling products and service and has been looking for two Customer Service Representatives in the Netherlands.

The competence of the members of Future Manager, together with the experience acquired in the recruitment field and the knowledge of the local market led to the identification of a candidate who met all the criteria specified by the client. This entrusted us with a second recruitment process for the same job position.

Future Manager is relying on the same mechanisms, processes and tools it has always used – e.g. phone and video interviews in order to protect both the candidates and its employees, in full compliance with the procedures and the rules introduced in this emergency situation.

We do not want to lie to you: in the last 14 days processes have become more difficult and slowed down. But as a company and as individual professionals it is important to understand and respect the needs of the parties involved. Respectable and successful companies are able to fulfil ongoing projects without compromising the relationship with the client, or the quality of the services and solutions provided. 

We are proud to be there!
We are sure we will!

Future Manager Germany