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GEC #12 Billie Jean King

Author: Len Adams FM USA – GEC Country Principal “Any woman born around 1943 has had to endure so many changes – in her educational experience, in her working life, in sex, in her roles, her expectations. But with me, it always seemed like I was also on the cutting edge of that change.” This sense of being ahead of her times, a trailblazer on a variety of personal and...
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GEC #11 Marisela Escobedo Ortiz

Author: Justine Cebe FM Mexico - GEC Co-Country Principal Today's protagonist is a woman who has carried a burden on her shoulders that few other people would have been able to carry. We are not talking about a politician or a business woman, much less an acclaimed writer; this is the story of a mother, Marisela Escobedo Ortiz. Before talking about her tragic fate, let's try to retrace the sad...
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GEC #10 Momoko Nojo

Author: Kevin Naylor FM Japan - GEC Country Principal The early 1990s were often described as onna no jidai 女の時代 or “the era of women”. Women in Japan had not only attained a large measure of equality in a highly affluent society, but they could exercise freedom in choosing from a variety of options. At that time, it seemed they could aspire to lead fulfilling, happier, fuller, and more balanced...
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GEC #9 Gro Harlem Brundtland

Author: Ida Brynildsen FM Scandinavia - GEC Country Principal In an in-depth interview for Japanese political affairs magazine Chuo-Koron, Gro Harlem Brundtland discussed everything from the secret of successful leadership to achieving a nuclear weapon-free world. When she was asked about the most necessary characteristics to be a leader she answered: “I think you have to be grounded in yourself. You have to trust your own instincts. You have to...
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GEC #8 Sofia Bekatorou

Author: Angela Dimou FM Greece - GEC Country Principal Gender-based violence can happen to anyone, children or adults, regardless of one's gender orientation or sexual identity. We are living in a moment in history in which traditional power structures are being meaningfully challenged and marginalized voices are speaking out about their experiences. These voices are an attempt to challenge our current heteropatriarchal world. Heteropatriarchy refers to a social and political...
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GEC #7 Neelie Kroes

Author: Marloes Claessens FM Netherlands - GEC Country Principal “My advice for more women in top jobs: be daring, claim and enjoy your position at the table, introduce other great women. You already make the difference by being female. To organisations: equality is a success if for every mediocre man you select with the same ease mediocre women.” Neelie Kroes was born on 19 July 1941 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She...
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#6 Navigating the New Normal in the International Workplace Here we are again with the usual appointment with The global advocate career podcast, where Michele Lee Clarke-Ceres and Len Adams host several FMA members from all over the world on the theme Navigating the New Normal in the International Workplace. It's the turn of Lloyd Dicks, CEO / Managing Director of Star Personnel Recruitment and FM South Africa Country Manager. Among the different topics covered during the interview,...
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GEC #6 Anne Lauvergeon

Author: Angélique Fournier FM France - GEC Country Principal “I assure you, they can’t strangle me in a dark corner!” said Anne Lauvergeon, the embattled boss of one of France’s largest nuclear enterprises, when told that some would not mind strangling her out in the open, she leaned back and laughed. Known for her tenacity, she is one of the most prominent female executives in Europe, and one of the...
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