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Neil Chandaria

Neil Chandaria

Future Manager Renewable Energy Division is a specialist office headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, which operates across 40 countries for FM throughout the EMEA - IMEA - APAC - MENA - LATAM regions that complete our global presence.

The Renewable Energy Division, thanks to its expertise in the sustainability sector, is a global partner for Energy Organizations and Companies that need to recruit specialized personnel for their projects around the World.


Our search parameters are several and specificly based on the relevant field of expertise:

  • Minimum 5 years sales experience in Energy Sector/Project Management;
  • Must have electrical engineering degree or MA;
  • Age is related to the profile seniority;
  • Skills for tangible products;
  • Skills for intangible products.

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Future Manager Renewable Energy Division

All our situational market solutions:

Project Manager, Project Engineer / Energy Engineer, Energy Consultant, Business, Development Manager / Sales Manager / Sales Engineer, Account Manager, Market Analyst, Head of Sustainability / Sustainability Manager / Advisor / Consultant, ESG Consultant / Carbon Consultant / Climate Consultant, ESG Investment Fund Advisor.

Our specialized solutions: