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Passive Recruitment as an alternative Method to identify Talents

Author: Future Manager Research Center Passive recruitment is one of the strategies for reaching potential talents in a specific sector or field, even when they are not actively looking for a new job position. Due to its invasive nature, it must be planned in such a way that it is not overly aggressive. First, a good way to attract candidates with specific skills is trying to establish an engagement relationship...
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Being global is great, but what a Struggle!

Author: Future Manager Research Center The internationalization process of a company inevitably leads to important changes. For a leader it is a very delicate decision to make their company global and it is important that this evolution is not a long shot. Leaving aside the bureaucratic aspects of the issue, what emerges from the observation of various experiences of internationalization is the difficult management of human relations. People from different...
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The Advantages of Outsourcing HR Activities

Author: Future Manager Research Center With this article, the series dedicated to the positive aspects of outsourcing HR activities continues. It should be noticed that for a company the outsourcing of an HR process translates into choosing an external recruitment service provider to whom it can permanently entrust the partial or total management of a process or application of the HR function. Generally, a multi-year contract regulates the Outsourcer’s performance in relation,...
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Cloud Engineer: Corporate Data Storage

Author: Future Manager Research Center For companies that are novice in the management of data storage, it is useful to receive technical support that facilitates the transaction or the maintenance of their IT infrastructure. You can rely on storage or cloud service providers, in particular on-demand services known as cloud computing, which is a technology that allows you to process and store data on the network; precisely through the use...
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Microlearning to facilitate Business Training

Author: Future Manager Research Center In a historical period marked by a relentless search for high-potential CEOs and fierce competition, it becomes necessary for companies to develop effective engagement strategies to avoid losing their top managers. One of the most efficient ways to do this is to give them the opportunity to continuously train and improve their skills, thus ensuring a high job retention rate and avoiding the loss of...
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Why you need to focus on developing young People’s Leadership

Author: Future Manager Research Center Young people will always be the future power for a country and an enterprise. As a leader, when paying attention to the mainstay of an enterprise, it should pay more attention to the development of young people. For the long-term development of the company, it is a must for every company to cultivate the leadership of young people. Creating a positive work environment The key...
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Short Periods at the Peak of Productivity: the typical Profile of a CEO Temporary Manager

Author: Future Manager Research Center A company does not always have the right person within it who can handle certain situations or who is able to make significant changes. In a context of extreme necessity, it is important to act quickly, without wasting months in a recruitment process. Even having to deal with the planned or sudden absence of one of its employees can be a deeply disabling factor for...
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Revolutionizing the Company through Digital HR

Author: Future Manager Research Center In the past, the relationship between European companies and digitization has always been quite fluctuating. It must not have been easy to keep up with new technologies and digital methodologies, especially for the more conservative who are used to working "the old-fashioned way". However (and the recent pandemic is proof of this), the need to get closer and closer to the digital world is now...
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