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New Member Program

FMA is a company and not a network.

In our business model, the aggregation of new entrepreneurial forces and energies has a high degree of strategic value.

Each new member of FMA follows a specific program which, under certain conditions, can determine the entry into the company capital through a specific Share Holding Program called FMA SHP.

A new FMA member potentially participating in the SHP has:

  • an entrepreneurial management of the local company;
  • an entrepreneurial leadership ready to dialogue personally alliances and partnership;
  • a high reputation on the local market;
  • a minority foreign turnover that wants to strengthen and structure;
  • a local brand not designed for one market and one  global competition
  • need to enhance their global; reputation;
  • need to give value to this part of one's own Business;
  • willingness to create an FMA market in his country even on just one  only of the HR solutions of the Future Manager Alliance;


If you recognize yourself in this business framework and you are interested in more details about the FMA path to become Member and/or Shareholder through the FMA SHP plan, write to us at: