Navigating the New Normal in the International Workplace


With this first episode, a completely new experience begins for the Future Manager Group: a series of podcasts hosted by the brilliant and energetic Michele Lee-Clarke Ceres accompanied by Len Adams, the USA Country Manager and partner of FMA.

As the title of the series suggests, the goal of these interviews is to ask to all FMA partners what navigating the new normal means in each of their country.

This collaboration proposal was immediately perceived with enthusiasm, above all because FMA greatly appreciates Michele’s work and her professionalism.

In fact, in addition to being the Co-Founder of WorldCeres Inc. (an international consultancy focused on career, coaching, soft skills training, and business development), Michele is also the creator of The Global Advocate Career Podcast, a career podcast where she interviews fascinating individuals who are making a difference in their careers from around the globe.

For these reasons, the first to be chosen as a guest of Michele and Len’s virtual “guest room” was the founder and Chairman of FMA, Salvatore Corradi.

During the pleasant conversation, President Corradi was able to explain to the audience something more about the FMA world from the point of view of the person who saw the company born. He had the opportunity to tell a little about the past, present and future of this born global company, which has now become a real HR consultancy company which provides solutions worldwide.

The collaboration with the FMA, as will be understood, does not end here, since there will be other episodes of the podcast series, which will see other FMA partners from different parts of the world as protagonists, each of whom will provide his personal experience regarding the chosen topic and regarding the partnership with FMA.

Having met Michele and having the opportunity to see her work closely was a great opportunity for FMA and, for these reasons, we are sure that this will be a positive experience for all who will be part of it.