Short Periods at the Peak of Productivity: the typical Profile of a CEO Temporary Manager

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

A company does not always have the right person within it who can handle certain situations or who is able to make significant changes. In a context of extreme necessity, it is important to act quickly, without wasting months in a recruitment process. Even having to deal with the planned or sudden absence of one of its employees can be a deeply disabling factor for a company.

To remedy these particular situations, companies are increasingly turning to temporary managers, figures who work in a company as part of a specific project, for a limited time period sometimes not well defined, joining a group of work already well-established.

It is therefore essential that he or she has exercised managerial functions, in order to handle a team that this manager has not recruited himself and of which he takes control at short notice. Given the particular circumstances in which he operates, the profile of the ideal temporary manager must necessarily be of the highest level: managerial and analytical experience more than consolidated, with great practicality and propensity to achieve early results.

In addition to the fundamental technical skills, it certainly cannot be lacking in aptitude. Above all, these character peculiarities typical of a temporary manager make his intervention in a company potentially advantageous. Unlike the permanent manager, who is used to thinking from a business continuity perspective, a TM CEO is hired for a precise project and he totally focuses on it, without having the concern to protect the duration of his stay in the company.

The benefits for the company manifest themselves in the form of optimization of activities, but also in the form of economic benefits. In fact, in many cases, hiring an interim manager is less expensive than keeping a full-time manager.

It is as if this professional figure were a concentrate of effectiveness, operations and results, all completed in a relatively short period of time. Change certainly does not scare a temporary manager, indeed these challenges stimulate him to do more and more.