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Ivy (HyeYang) Kim has over 23 years of experience and is a well-known representative of the recruitment industry in Korea.

Ivy joined UnicoSearch in 2000 and became a Managing Director of Industrial & Resources Division specialized in manufacturing, Automotive, Chemical, Electronics, Energy and Semiconductor industry sectors. she has built proven success track records and a good reputation in the recruitment market.

In 2016, Ivy took over UnicoSearch from the founder and became the CEO of the company.

UnicoSearch started the first executive search service in Korea in 1984 and has achieved the greatest Client/Candidate satisfaction through the most professional and reliable service. Ivy is leading UnicoSearch by focusing on 5 core values: Reliability, Innovation, Professionalism, Fun, and Success. She has been certified as ‘The Best Employment Service Provider’ and ‘Great Places to Work for.’

Ivy majored in Political Science and International Relations at Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea. She completed a Business English course at San Diego State University, USA. Prior to joining UnicoSearch, she worked with Rohm & Haas Korea, a US-based multinational chemical company. She lectures at Ewha Womans University Business School as a CEO adjunct professor. She is in charge of an advisory role for a Korean Economic magazine, ‘Economist’.


Ivy Kim

South Korea Country Manager

Rahmee Baik has over 20 years of experience and leads the Unico Global Center based on her expertise on HR career and extensive overseas experience.

Rahmee joined UnicoSearch in 2009 and became a Managing Director of IT & Technology Division covering IT and Convergence Technology. She has built great success track records and is very well-recognized among Clients and Candidates. She has excellent insight into market and industry trends, and she co-authored the book, ‘Is My Job safe in the 4th Industrial Revolution’ based on them. She is leading foreign consultants of various nationalities, UK, Canada, Russia, and Vietnam, for global recruitment services.

Rahmee defines her job as contributing to a person’s life, the future of a company, and the development of the Country, Korea. She says that creating good opportunities for good companies and talents makes her life full of happiness.

Rahmee majored in Business Marketing at George Brown College, Toronto, Canada. She started her career with HR and Marketing at Dell Korea, and worked at iAsiaWorks Korea as a HR Manager. Prior to joining UnicoSearch, she worked with global executive search firm, MRI.


Rahmee Baik

South Korea International Strategic Director

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Corporate: Entrepreneurial Succession, Managerial Succession, Change Management, Compensation & Benefit Analysis, Management Relocation, International Employer Branding planning

Talent Acquisition: C-Level Executive Search, Middle Management Executive Search, Existing top and/or existing middle potential assessment programs, Pre-employment aptitude and personality testing programming, International Graduate Recruitment Programs

Flexibility: Temporary Management, HRPO Human Resource Process Outsourcing, RPO - Recruiting Process Outsourcing, White Collar Outsourcing, Payroll Calculating

Training - Future Manager Business School


Financial: Private Banking, Investment Fund, Banking Technology, Corporate Banking, M&A, Consumer Financing, Mortgage

Industrial: Aeroespacial, Automotive, Agribusiness, Aviation, Chemical, Energy, Building, Manufacturing, Oli & Gas

Hi Tech: Software Networking, Telecommunications, Platforms

Roles and Functions:

Board: Ceo, Indipendent board member

Financial: Global Chief Financial Officer, Global Chief Treasury Officer, Global Chief Controlling Officer, Country Chief Financial Officer, Country Chief Treasury Officer, Country Chief Controlling Officer

Marketing: Global Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Global Chief Operational Marketing Officer, Country Chief Strategic Marketing Officer, Country Chief Operational Marketing Officer,

Sales: Global Sales Officer, Country Sales Officer

Supply Chain: Global Chief Supply Chain Officer, Country Chief Supply Chain Officer

Human Resources: Global Human Resource Director, Global Recruiting Director, Global Development & Training Director, Country Human Resource Director, Country Recruiting Director, Country Development & Training Director

Information Technology: Global Chief Information Officer, Global Chief Digital Information Officer, Global Chief Technology Officer, Country Chief Information Officer, Country Chief Digital Information Officer, Country Chief Technology Officer

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