Clock-Building, not Time telling

Author: Future Manager Research Center It is possible that the expression “clock-building, not time telling” sounds somewhat strange to you. However, the metaphor of the clock perfectly explains what it means to create a successful company. In order to build an organization that lasts over the years, it is necessary to have one of the…

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Breadcrumbing and False Promises

Author: Future Manager Research Center After ghosting (cf. “Talent Ghosting threatens Recruiting”), another phenomenon that hovers in the world of Human Resources and in business in general, is that of breadcrumbing. If the practice of ghosting is more frequent between a candidate and a recruiter where the former disappears without a trace, in breadcrumbing the…

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What makes a Future Manager?

Author: Future Manager Research Center The term Management 4.0 indicates the new style of leadership that is arising from the 4.0 Industrial Revolution. The 4.0 industry requires the integration and connection between machines, people and information systems, to create agile work environments where the workforce is able to respond fast with their predictions and decisions…

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