Temporary Entrepreneur

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

There are many companies that are in a state of uncertainty and instability, especially in light of the current circumstances. On the other hand, other companies do not present evident problems, however  they choose to take advantage of the moment to recover efficiency, so as to show themselves at maximum competitiveness on the future post-pandemic market.

For these reasons, both categories frequently decide to rely on the intervention of a highly qualified managerial figure accustomed to managing delicate situations: the Temporary Manager has all the qualities to satisfy this type of request. In fact, on the supply side, it seems that this is a period quite rich with managers who, ousted from the production system and looking for employment, propose themselves to the market for temporary projects.

There are professionals in the field of Temporary Management who are able to provide a very specific and niche support service, for example those who take on the role of Temporary Entrepeneurs. These figures are full-fledged TMans who, however, propose a much more entrepreneurial approach, up to the possible sharing of risk within the project.

Their role is extremely strategic with a contribution that helps companies in the analysis and interpretation of the trend of phenomena, correlating them with each other and hypothesizing their evolution. A “TEntrepreneur” has the task of stealing the signals that could trigger changes, signals that, being often imperceptible, can only be identified by those who have extensive experience in business management.

Based on these indicators, the TEntrepreneur formulates valid hypotheses of future scenarios and develops strategic business projects consistent with the mission and vision that characterizes the company in which he/she is temporarily serving. In this regard, the system of values ​​constitutes the fundamental nucleus of any corporate reality and for this reason it must never be distorted. A reputable TEntrepreneur has a very solid ethical-deontological system that, at the time of the assignment, is able to interconnect with that of the company in question.

The true TMan professional with a predilection for entrepreneurship must take charge of the entire team, acting as a model to follow and managing to support leadership and listening skills. The necessary skills are not only technical and financial, but also great management and creative thinking skills. For a successful TEntrepeneur experience the most important components are collaboration and mutual trust together with the possession of analytical skills, critical / strategic thinking and, on occasion, an intrepid temperament.