Time to invest in your corporate learning and development

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

People are the primary productive force of an enterprise, and people are company’s valuable wealth. Creating a positive culture around learning and development for employees is essential, through training, there are many benefits a company can earn back from this investment.  

First, it is the effective way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. With the acceleration of the update of knowledge and technology, enterprises need to continuously innovate and introduce new technologies and new concepts to employees, which requires continuous training.

Secondly, it instills corporate culture and enhance corporate cohesion. Learning and development carries on the encouragement of the corporate culture, shares the identification of enterprise and sense of ownership with employees. It also enhances cohesion and teamwork between employees and employees, employees and managers.

What are the Top trends of delivering learning to your employees in 2020? 

In recent years, corporate training shows a trend of high technology and high investment. For example, online courses, audio-video instructions, simulation drillings etc. Those technological innovations enable employees to acquire new knowledge and technologies much faster. Employees can learn knowledge and skills at any time in any place without restriction, so that enterprises can quickly adapt to the rapid changes in the market. And inevitably, the high-tech training requires high investment, enterprises’ investments in training keep increasing.

Every employee is unique, once you decide to hire him/her, you have to show them you would love to invest in them. But training shouldn’t be one-sized. There is a growing demand for customized learning.  According to research, 78% of the employees don’t want a “One-size-fits-all training “.

Thus, enterprises are required to offer more personalized and simplified trainings to employees.  Corporate learning strategy must start with regarding employees’ skills and interests, “what do they like to learn?” “what are they good at?” . And then companies should design precise learning contents that meet employees’ career plans. This strategy will not only let employees have a clear view of their future career development, but also ensure them to work on promotions inside the company instead of somewhere else.

There is also an interesting and insightful “70:20:10 Leaning Model” that companies should try to adapt in 2020. 

It means: 70% of the leaning comes from day-to-day work. Employee’s experiences increase daily by working on specific tasks. 20% comes from learning from others, including colleagues, managers and executives. Therefore, helping the people around you at work is an important gesture in corporate learning and development.  10% of the knowledge gained from online courses and other training methods.

What is your company’s leaning and development plan in 2020?