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Dmytro Klim, once a medical practitioner, opened his own recruitment agency, Action Group, in 2001. Medicine and recruiting, he says, combine attention to the smallest detail and the need for an accurate diagnosis. Dmytro is from Odessa. This probably leaves its mark on his character and career. On the way from a surgeon to a recruiter, he managed to work as a bartender on a ship, a taxi driver, in the pharmaceutical business he worked his way up from a regional representative to the head of a representative office, and a sales business coach.

In addition to work, Dmytro is fond of spearfishing, ballroom dancing, car tuning and running.

Educational Background:
Dmytro graduated in 1992 in medical education. He is fluent in English.

He came to medicine quite consciously, having worked as an orderly in a hospital before entering the institute.

Managerial Background:
He has always enjoyed working with people, and he feel very comfortable as a salesperson.

Entrepreneurial Background:
Given that Dmytro came to recruiting from the pharmaceutical business, things went so well with vacancies from the pharmacy that in 2003, together with Andriy Anuchin, he created a specialized agency for finding pharmaceutical and medical personnel. Andriy and Dmytro remain partners to this day.

In August 2022, he was appointed as Co-Global Division Manager for Future Manager Global Medical Division.


Dmytro Klim

Ukraine Country Manager

Paul Gololobov

Ukraine International Strategic Director

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