When one Door closes, another opens

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

For various reasons, by the end of the year a significant number of Executives could temporarily exit the job market. Often, but not always, this happens to those managers who are in the last decade of activity before their retirement and it is a phenomenon that does not spare even those who have a decades-long career behind them during which they have gained a high level of experience. However, this eventuality does not represent an irreversible tragedy for them.

It is certain that each situation is independent and presents completely subjective case studies but, in principle, the possibilities to be explored in circumstances like this are quite similar.

Job loss can also be sudden and unexpected for a CEO and more generally for a C-Level, but the bright side of the matter can be highlighted.

This condition could even represent a good opportunity to turn around your career. Having abandoned the concept of the fixed role, in fact, a substantial percentage takes the path of consulting. Others, on the other hand, decide to consider a path that until a few years ago was the least beaten and that in recent times is becoming a concrete solution, namely that of Temporary Management.

In a situation of global crisis affecting the world of work and business, many companies are faced with scenarios that change rapidly, thus creating the need to continuously evolve their adaptation strategies to the market. In practice, companies often experience permanent start-up situations.

Therefore, it is better to understand why it is a golden period for Temporary Management and, consequently, capable managers who are in a position to embrace new challenges are a very precious resource for effectively managing turnarounds, repositioning market or company bailouts at the last minute.

It is not only large companies that resort to this type of service but now also small and medium-sized companies (sometimes lacking in management skills) appeal to Temporary Managers who, notoriously, must have a wealth of experience of all respect.

Listening to the testimonies of managers who have dived into the world of Temporary, you can see how they consider their choice much more stimulating than ordinary administration. This is because it is necessary to enter quickly the heart of a company in difficulty or in transition, in order to provide immediate results and solutions. After a Temporary Management experience, about 50% prefer to continue on this path while the remaining 50% go back to being a corporate C-Level.