“Who wants to be a Millionaire?” A Management Engineer can

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Author: Future Manager Research Center

According to a Forbes study, one third of the world’s 100 richest men studied engineering or business. An ambitious young man who dreams of a profitable career would be at a crossroads: to choose an engineering career or a commercial one? What if there is a course of study that merges the two professions?

There is actually and it is called management engineering, an intermediate choice that allows you to make progress by exploiting the skills of both fields. Companies seem to love deeply candidates who possess this type of profile, whose “hybridism” is a strength and certainly not a deficit.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that these are two rather different worlds, each with its own language and with its own vision of things but, despite this, the one who possesses managerial and engineering skills is able to provide the potential customer with a better business solution accompanied by a timely technical solution.

This category of engineers is the flagship of the companies in the sector in fact a candidate with a profile of this type has the opportunity to work both as a consultant and as an employee in large companies, in particular in corporations in the financial or insurance field.

In addition to the remuneration well above the average (about 17% higher than that of executives), there are additional positive aspects for those who choose to become a management engineer: privileged access to numerous professional fields, very low unemployment rate, the possibility of creating or taking over a company during their career and very high probability of operating internationally.

The figure of a management engineer therefore represents an effective opportunity for a company, which can benefit from the relationship with a competent individual and who contributes to the growth of management, but also of managerial technique.